Thursday, September 10, 2009

Frog Legs Summer Time Fun!

Our summer camps were a great success... we had an amazing group of children here and we did many things each day...

We set sail on a pirate ship, took a trip to the jungle and made a banana smoothie, monkey bread and wild turkey burgers, we had a circus day and took a trip to the Pike Place Market. We traveled with all of the kiddos and took a tour and buying trip at Pike Place Market... We threw fish, tasted fresh organic produce and bought it all up to make a fabulous feast the next day.

Here's what we did:

Fish Tacos

Fresh Berry and Fruit Cobbler

Steamed Manilla Clams...

It was truly a Delicious Day!

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  1. Cathy (bambini kids photography) just introduced me to your business...cutest idea EVER! Makes me want to move to Seattle just so my 4 year-old daughter can take classes :)